Monday, 4 July 2011

US Army Realizes The Futility Of Keeping Pakistan As An Ally

It seems the US army has finally come to the conclusion that many of us already knew. The assumption is quite simple, depending on Pakistan for any help in war efforts is like inviting the wolf to guard the hen-house. After the convoy controversy in which Pakistan made USA grovel, US army has decided to find alternative routes to supply its men in Afghanistan.

As per reports in 2009 upto 90% of US army supplies for Afghanistan went through Pakistan specifically through Karachi port. Now 40% of these supplies are being routed through what is knows as the "Northern Distribution Network", this is a collection of road and rail networks across Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

According to Pentagon sources , US army wants to send 75% of all its supply through the Northern Distribution Network.

U.S. President Barack Obama announced last month that 10,000 troops would leave this year and all 33,000 personnel sent as part of a surge ordered in late 2009 would be home by next summer, leaving a U.S. force of some 65,000.

There are currently up to 150,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, including about 99,000 from the United States. Obama has indicated a series of drawdowns until Afghan forces assume security responsibility in 2014.

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