Thursday, 22 August 2013

LCA Tejas Mk-II Prototype Hitting The Skies Near You By 2014

News coming from HAL reveal that first prototype of the LCA Tejas Mk.2 may be unveiled for the world in 2014.

At present HAL is looking to install a solid dependable line for various units of this craft. The following statement gives us a hint of their goal.

“HAL-ARDC is taking up for development and qualification of certain LRUs required for catering to LCA-Mark 2 version. The first prototype aircraft is slated for built during 2013-14, while series production(s) are planned for induction to fleet which is stated to be taken up in two phases commencing from 2016 onwards.”

Even though work seems to have begun on a war footing by getting a metal mockup ready and they have also floated numerous contracts for various plane parts like composites etc yet the author is a bit skeptical about the HAL's capability to stick to the time line. Not only that but 2014 is also the year in which MK-I is supposed to get operational clearance. Looking at HAL's previous abysmal record this project looks like another one for the history books.


amit said...

HAL must be privatised or we need good governance which can work. Quota system.must be removed and unions must be removed too.

Unknown said...

haaha..good end 2014 is the FOC for LCA MK1
MK2 PT1 will be in sky...boss others are looking at you
you are been fool only in india now you become universal fool..Even PAK will laugh at your words
DOn't you know the famous word LAZY Indians
PLease think before...tell me a project that got completed in time atleast 1 or 2 year later

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