Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shang class submarine on patrol in Indian ocean, where are our subs???

China had informed the Indian MEA that one of their nuclear powered attack sub would be entering Indian ocean and would patrol it for two months starting from December 13,2013 to February 12,2014.

It was the "shang" class sub other wise known as Type 093.

Indian intelligence RA&W in one of its report has clearly predicted a carrier battle group being deployed in Indian ocean in the next 3-4 years.

This will be done to demonstrate China's capability to protects its interest in Africa and west asia.It may seem as a muscle flexing move by Chinese to force countries on the Indian Ocean to bow to its will.

While this was going on guess what was Indian Navy doing? Yes you guessed it , we were waiting for the appointment of the next navy chief.

The navy that considers Indian Ocean as its own backyard is suddenly faced with a submarine with land-attack as well as anti-ship cruise missiles. China already has two of these and reportedly building 4 more.

Indian navy now has only 10 old fashioned kilo class subs and 4 german shishumar class. Added to this is one Akula class sub on lease from Russia.MoD is still not ready to build 4 SSN's to escort our SSBN and go on patrol with our Aircraft Carrier.

The SHANG's range and weaponry will give the PLA its first non-nuclear global strike capability. As with the Song SSK, the new submarine incorporates advanced quieting with a hydrodynamically efficient hull form, a single shaft and a highly skewed 7-bladed propeller.
The submarine is equipped with torpedoes, antisubmarine warfare missiles, and a submarine-launched antiship cruise missile, possibly a follow-on to the C801, as well as the projected Land Attack Cruise Missile. Despite the early rumors that the Type 093 was based on the design of the Russian Victor III class nuclear attack submarine, it appears that the two submarines bear no resemblance in appearance. However, it cannot be ruled out that Russian technologies were being incorporated into the Type 093's design.
While there is no direct indication of Russian technology transfer to China connected with this program, Beijing's next-generation nuclear submarine programs reflect Russian influence.China's new indigenously produced nuclear attack submarine, the SHANG class, benefits greatly from Russian technology and design - it is armed with both ASCMs and LACMs. The Type 093 is estimated to be 6,000~7,000t displacement when dived, significantly larger than the 4,100 -4,500tons (surfaced) and 4,500-5,500 (dived) displacement of the earlier Type 091 Han class.
As revealed by the submarine model and Modern Ships photograph, the submarine features a water-drop shape hull, with a pair of fin-mounted hydroplanes and four diving planes. The submarine is fitted with sophisticated sonar systems, including bow-mounted sonar and H/SQC-207 flank-mounted sonar. Three flank-mounted sonar arrays are clearly visible on the hull of the submarine.
 The Type 093 submarine has six 533mm bow torpedo tubes (4 above, 2 below), and is presumed to be equipped with a range of anti-submarine and anti-surface vessel torpedoes of wire-, acoustic- and wake-homing, based on both Chinese and Russian designs. The torpedo tubes can also be used to launch Chinese indigenous YJ-82 anti-ship missiles. Some reports suggested the capability of launching land-attack cruise missiles (LACM), but this cannot be confirmed.
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