Friday, 29 August 2014

What should we expect from PM Modi's visit to Japan

With PM Modi's visit to Japan, what should we expect???

1) Japan pressing for bullet train project.

2) Would Japanese lawmakers back Indian Civil Nuclear Deal???<Abe is one person>

3) With the Liability law proving a bridge too far for most companies, would Japanese shy away too???

4) Can the Japanese bring their manufacturing sector to India and make it a hub??
Japanese expect that strong Modi Government would expedite the process for ongoing big ticket projects such as Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor including smart community projects, Dedicated Freight Corridor (the new construction of railways dedicated for freight transportation) and Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor. Japan wants to see implementation of these major economic projects accelerated, as well as prompt resolution of investment-related concerns.

5) With huge Chinese army in an eyeball confrontation with our Army over a big land mass, how much room PM Modi has for maneuver .(No American Army Base here and Chinese def minister statement is categorical about use of army anytime)
6) Investment in Indian Infra is it lucrative enough?? (Over zealous courts and weird tax laws)
In 2003 only 250 Japanese companies were operating in India and now there are 1100, unfortunately Japanese see the chronic problem of Indian infrastructure as an impediment to rapid scaling up of investment.

7) Will the Japanese agree for joint production of US-2 aircrafts in India, if we agree to no sale to third party?
8) What is the strategic vision vis-a -vis China, is there a common ground to act upon or it is just castle in the air??

9) Japanese economy is slowing down again with an ageing population and draconian labor laws.
This an area where India can be of help by providing cheap labor and a huge population. Thus a company invested in India can make more profits even though Indian labor laws are not the best either.

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