Thursday, 24 March 2011

Army Puts on Hold Training of Troops in Chatisgarh Base

As it awaits the framing of Rules of Engagement (RoE) by the Government on engaging Maoists, Army has put on hold training of its troops at its bases in Chhattisgrah set up recently in the naxal-infested areas.
The Army has set up a a Battle Maneuver Range and a Special Forces Training Centre in Bastar District, which is considered to be a hotbed of naxals.

"We are waiting for the Government to provide us guidelines for dealing with the Naxals in that area. The guidelines would be framed by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and after that, they would be provided to the Army," Army sources said here.

The Army had sought the Rules of Engagements (RoEs) from the Government to deal with situations where its troops come under attack from naxals in the state.

The training of troops in the Abujhmarh area, which is the hotbed of terrorists, they said, would start as soon as the guidelines are provided to it.

The Army had sought the Rules of Engagement (RoE) looking at a situation where somebody tries to instigate it by trying to foray into these training areas.

"All that we are asking is what happens if we are fired at and we fire back. How do you legally cover our people? We all should know what are the do's and don'ts. There is a need for clarification on this," Army chief General V K Singh had said.The Army chief had said his force didn't require outside protection for its bases and it would be done by its own troops only.

He said for the legal cover required for the troops to be deployed in the region, the Army is "not looking at AFSPA as we don't want to and will not operate in those areas. We are only looking at training into the areas earmarked and the base there."
A couple of years ago, after Maoists fired at IAF helicopters in Chhattisgarh, government had allowed it to fire back at Naxalites in case of an attack.