Monday, 28 March 2011

IAF Seeks New Long-Range Missile For Fighters

India’s ministry of defense is seeking information from vendors across the globe about the purchase of a new stand-off, long-range missile featuring a light warhead (SOLR-L).

According to the ministry’s request for information (RFI), the SOLR-L missile system will be fired from Indian Air Force (IAF) fighters.

“After successful integration, series modification is to be carried out,” the RFI says. “The missile should be light in weight, having a long range with reattack capability.”

The ministry also wants the missile to have precision-strike capability with low collateral damage. The RFI also asks vendors to clearly specify the type of warhead to be used.

“We want the missile to have day/night and adverse weather capability and it should be equipped with upgraded midcourse guidance,” a senior IAF official tells Aviation Week. “It should also have adequate anti-jamming features and the missile suspension should be electrically and mechanically compatible with the existing pylons of our fleet.” He refused to give any details on the numbers or the total procurement cost.

Along with the procurement of the missiles, the ministry also wants the vendor to establish a storage infrastructure. “This is mainly to conduct periodic tests, maintenance and repair of the missile and its systems from time to time,” the official says. “We will specify the location[s] once the procurement is given to a particular firm.”

As part of the package, the ministry wants a ground-based simulator to be provided by the vendor for training of aircrew.

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