Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Indian Army Fighting To Stop Fresh Infiltration

The Indian Army has been forced to strengthen the security around the border in Jammu and Kashmir due to numerous reports of trespassing attempts by militants.

The high-altitude areas like Sawjian and Doda Shahpur sector have been upgraded. According to army officials, the Indian Army is maintaining a vigil along the entire border, despite the bad weather conditions.

Major Ajay Kumar Pathania said that moving around is very hard due to the heavy terrain combined with the harsh weather conditions. At places the snow is till the waist, but he is sure that the Indian Army has experience in such bad conditions and will easily handle any challenges offered by the nature.

The villages which are along the Line Of Control (LOC) are supporting the Indian Army as much as they can. The head of Sawjian village, Mohammad Zaman stated that the Sawjian sector is the gateway to India and the army is positioned there 24 hours. The villagers are always looking for ways to help the army and co-operate with them as much as possible.
The Jammu and Kashmir regions have been affected by militancy for more than two decades and so far the casualties have reached over 47,000 people.

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