Friday, 29 April 2011

Operation Sachet Simulated Homeland Naval Exercise

Dispersal of enemy resources through pinching movement marked one of the few military tactics drilled here in a simulated homeland security exercise, by the Kodiakkarai Naval detachment here in Kodiakarai in Vedaranyam on Wednesday. The exercise, as part of ‘Operation Sachet', the three-day coastal security exercise under way under the Eastern Naval Command for the entire Eastern coast and its units, sought to simulate challenges to homeland security through a ‘terror attack' along with the security reinforcement on the high seas.

A mock drill for combating a rear-end terror strike on a building was staged by the Kodiakkarai Naval detachment here in a bid to simulate a land-oriented strike.

The combat exercise involved dispersal of an attacking team in a pincer movement along extreme flanks with no direct frontal attack in order to engage with the enemy. The pincer attack, a predominant cavalry tactic, envelops the enemy by engaging along the extreme flanks, with the intent to disperse and drain the enemy's resources. Maximum use of natural cover, efficient use of buddy teams and a quick study of the ground realities of the combat were few of the postulates reiterated through the drill.

The exercise involved a simulation of off-shore interception and checking of fishing boats and security in the high seas, including checking for the structural soundness of fishing boats by the Navy.

According to an official, every battle was unique, throwing up its own challenges, and there was no perfect simulation of a combat front. A de-brief from the frontline units on the ‘tangible, achievable and possible' interventions to the existing operations and logistics would be prepared at the conclusion of the exercise on Thursday.

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