Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How much Pakistan got for betraying Osama Bin Laden?

Consider this two army choppers come into a city and land right in the middle at the dead of the night and all the PAF radars fail to pick it up or the local authorities have no idea about the gun fight, crash etc. The city is a military town with the academy there and very close to Islamabad. Nobody knows anything and these commandos kill few chaps, blow up their helicopter and disappear in the night sky, still nobody knows anything

Sorry I don't buy that argument. It is clear that Pakistan knew about it and now is feigning ignorance.

The question arises what was that it got in return for selling Osama to USA.
Obviously it will be something substantial , I have a feeling it has got to do something with Afghanistan. Maybe Pakistan gets to control Afghanistan and Taliban in return for this favor.
Thus Osama's death while is a welcome news but can create more trouble for India in Afghanistan. Most of the Taliban groups/splinters are being controlled by Pakistan. To finish of the influence of al-Qaida it was necessary to get rid of Osama once the Al-Qaida leadership is gone ISI will have much more control over Taliban and other groups.

Osama was a very-2 high value target and I don't think military hardware is enough in return for his death, it has to be strategical payment.

Plus the timing of his death does huge favor to Mr Obama in his re-election bid and if USA withdraws then it has got a victory to show for(pyrrhic victory it may be). By their own admission Osama had become quite a minor player in day-2 operations and Al-Qaida was loosing steam everywhere(except may be Pakistan and Afghanistan)

I can go on to the conspiracy theory of his death and burial but that does not interest me at all, if he is dead and Pakistan was the silent partner then how much Blood Money(metaphorically) was paid to Pakistan for selling its asset(because Osama was an asset for ISI)