Sunday, 29 May 2011

Vajra Corps Of Indian Army Launches Pine Prahar Military Exercise

Army's Vajra Corps, better known as "Defenders of Punjab", today began a 4-day exercise called Pine Prahar somewhere in the western sector.

The exercise envisages swift mobilisation of units and formations, and offensive manoeuvres.

In an interaction with journalists, Lt Gen Munish Sibal, General Officer Commanding of Vajra Corps, dwelt on various facets of the exercise.

He said Vajra Corps was fully ready to safeguard the border of the state at any given time.

Over 12,000 troops are taking part in the exercise.

The month long exercise includes ambitious integration of all force multipliers including the air force, battlefield transparency and enhanced mobility demonstrators in sync with the requirements of the future battlefield.

The culmination of the collective training is scheduled in the form of Ex' PINE PRAHAR' at the end of the month, during which a battle group with an all arms composition will practice offensive man- oeuvres across different obstacle systems. The exercise aims at validating the mission accomplishment capabilities of the battle group, incorporating enhanced integration of combat troops with tailor made organizations for C4 ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Recce), jointmanship and network centric operations.

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