Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Maoists Trying To Revive International Forum To Fight Indian Security Forces

Indian Maoists are now in a bid to revive all the international Maoist fora to regroup after the massive onslaught from Indian security forces over the past year.

Months ago, Indian Maoists took revived the South Asian Maoist forum—The Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)— after five years. CCOMPOSA, which was formed in 2001 by CPI-Maoist and Nepal Maoists for ideological and strategic exchange, turned defunct after Maoists in Nepal stepped into parliamentary democracy. It led to a rift between Maoist parties in Nepal and India.

The forum has now gained relevance once again following major damage to rebels in India. In past one year, three central committe member of the red brigade were killed and more than five were arrested including their two politburo members. In the end of March this year, in presence of two central Committee members of Maoist outfit, the fifth conference of CCOMPOSA held, reportedly in Nepal where senior members of United Communist Party of Nepal (maoist) had taken part along with their comrades engaged in Maoist organisation in Bangladesh and Srilanka. In the end of the fifth conference CCOMPOSA concluded with a decision to strengthen the bond between all the Maoist outfits in south Asia. Reducing the idiological difference with the Nepal Maoists, the forum once again stood by the Nepalese Maoist party. The members participated in the conference condemned 'Indian interference' in Nepal politics, which is a significant signal for the intelligence agencies.

Senior intellligence officers feel that, if Indian Maoists once again get touch with their Nepal counterpart, then strategically they will be more strong as they will be able to secure safe passage in Nepal as well as will be able to get weapons from Nepal. Maoist sources have also admitted that to confront with the increasing pace of Indian security forces, they are trying to buy waepon from overseas market and for that both Nepal and north eastern states are very important for them. To open a new Maoist corridor through north eastern states of India, red brigade have already spread their organisation in different parts of Assam. Even Tarun Gogoi, chief minister of Assam has also expressed his worry over Maoist expansion in Assam. Maoists have reportedly assigned one of their senior politburo member to keep liason with the north east based insurgent outfits mainly with Peoples Liberation army of Manipur and Kanglaipak Communist Party (KCP) of Manipur. The latter has a direct contact with the Maoist party in Bangladesh who have formed NCOMPOSA another forum to fight together. The unification effort however matter of worry for the intelligence agencies in India. Police sources revealed that they got some detail about the Maoist unification process after the arrest of Maoist central committee member Sukant alias Srikant, who had been dealing with the international affairs after arrest of another politburo member Kobad Gandhi.