Thursday, 12 May 2011

New NBC suit for Indian army

The Indian army can fight free against any kind of dangerous weapons or chemicals and protect the soldiers from any kind of negative effect, with the newly added NBC or Nuclear-Biological-Chemical suit to its artillery which would proved effective

“DMSRDE( Defence Material and Stores Research Development Establishment) of Kanpur has developed a new NBC or Nuclear-Biological-Chemical suit that would be proved effective against any kind of dangerous weapons or chemicals and protect soldiers from any sort of attack,” DMSRDE Director Arvind Kumar Saxena told PTI.

“Though the organisation have developed the chemical attack resistant suit, but the suits necessary for the nuclear and biological war situation has not been prepared.

“The work on the biological suit is likely to be completed by 2013, whereas the preparation for the nuclear one is in the primary level,” he said.

Saxena said that the work on the suits, purely developed on indigenous technique in four of the ordinance parachute factory laboratories here, have been tested successfully and the Director General of Quality Assurance in Pune have also given its nod after examining it.

The NBC suit was handed over to the army for their approval and they were quite satisfied after examining it, he said, adding that the officials have also ordered 40,000 pieces of the same to the ordinance parachute factory.

The suit, worth about Rs 30,000, is much cheaper than its foreign counterparts, Saxena said, adding, that the further progress on the other two suits are going on.