Thursday, 5 May 2011

Old Trick Make India The Whipping Boy

Pakistani Foreign Secretary Press Confrence
Badly battered and bruised by the Americans, the Pakistani establishment is hitting back at anything and everything within its range. So it India is the closest punching bag and the softest target to hit thus Mr Bashir and General Kayani chose to threaten and warn India about any misadventure and dire consequences without an actual threat from any part of the Indian Government.
Why is it so, the simple reason is Pakistani public is asking Gen Kayani and his band of brothers that what happened at Abbotabad has only two reasons

a) Pakistani establishment and specifically Mr Zardari knew about the attack and made a lot of money by selling Pakistani Sovereignty and dignity to US

b)The whole Pakistani army and the ISI is a group of buffoons who are growing fat on the blood money of Paksitani's

Both the assertions have disastrous consequences for the Pakistani establishment, in short either you are corrupt and weak or you are incompetent and an idiot.

Therefore we must look at the statements made by their foreign secretary and the Pakistani general in this context. They are so ashamed at what has happened that they need some thing to deflect the attention of its own people away from the debacle. So lets see which is the softest enemy you can target and make it look as if the enemy is at the door step thus using the fear of your own people to save your face. are too dependent on them for assistance if they decide to pull the plug basically the country will collapse and the big shots of Pakistan will be unable to make money or buy french villas anymore.

The Terrorist...too dangerous because they might cause harm to your life and limb. These chaps have already displayed their capability by assassinating some top politicians.

Plus if you pick a fight with them it will be counter productive because they are the bogey you will use to fleece america and get more money from them. Basically they are a wing of your government and you cannot just give up on them. the terrorist network is the corner stone of Pakistan as a nation. They are like an industry which you us to keep Pakistan afloat thus hitting them is not something which you can do.

India... now their is a soft state and soft target if there was ever , why not make it the target or the bogey man. Make your people believe that Indians are coming and if we do not support the Pakistani military establishment now the Indian might attack us. Nothing works better than fear of the traditional rival.

Therefore Mr Bashir and Gen Kayani chose to reserve special attention for India without fear of any kind of reprisal because lets face it Indians are a bunch of softies who will not dare to talk back and once you threaten them with derailing the peace talk the current government which has made it as an ego issue will capitulate and stop pressurizing you to do anything plus your people will be re-assured that all is well .

Pakistani Military Statement

138th Corps Commanders' Conference was held today at General Headquarters Rawalpindi. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) chaired the meeting.

One point agenda was the Abbottabad incident in which Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces. The Forum discussed the incident and its implications and on military to military relations with the United States.

While admitting own shortcomings in developing intelligence on the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, it was highlighted that the achievements of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), against Al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates in Pakistan, have no parallel. The Forum was informed that around 100 top level Al Qaeda leaders / operators were killed / arrested by ISI, with or without support of CIA. However, in the case of Osama Bin Laden, while the CIA developed intelligence based on initial information provided by ISI, it did not share further development of intelligence on the case with ISI, contrary to the existing practice between the two services. Nonetheless, an investigation has been ordered into the circumstances that led to this situation.

COAS made it very clear that any similar action, violating the sovereignty of Pakistan, will warrant a review on the level of military / intelligence cooperation with the United States.

The Corps Commanders were informed about the decision to reduce the strength of US military personnel in Pakistan to the minimum essential.

As regards the possibility of similar hostile action against our strategic assets, the Forum reaffirmed that, unlike an undefended civilian compound, our strategic assets are well protected and an elaborate defensive mechanism is in place.

The Forum, taking serious note of the assertions made by Indian military leadership about conducting similar operations, made it very clear that any misadventure of this kind will be responded to very strongly. There should be no doubt about it.

The Forum reiterated the resolve to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and to fight the menace of terrorism, with the support and help of the people of Pakistan.