Saturday, 14 May 2011

Petition of Ghulam Haider Lone To New Zealand Parliament Against India

Petition To Force India To withdraw Troops From Kashmir

The jokers went to New Zealand Parliament to get them to pass a resolution asking India to withdraw troops from Kashmir. This petition was filed by separatist leader Mr Lone and helped by some MP's from New Zealand parliament.

Basically this is a way to threaten India and force the governments hand in Kashmir where the Indian government has already conceded territory by accepting Pakistani agents like Geelani Yasin Malik and Lone as politicians. So now even New Zealand is baring its fangs and trying to side with Pakistani leaders. If India does not comply then their parliament may pass this resolution.

My Question is only this if we don't comply THEN WHAT

New Zealand Will send their Sheep's to attack India be careful they might send their team of crack commando lambs to New Delhi.
Idiots wasting time and money of their own tax payer by debating something NZ has no locus standi or any force to influence, NZ fails to realize the insignificant position it holds in the new World Order, gone are the days when they had a voice because they were part of the great British Empire. They are still living in the past and going to do a blunder if they antagonize powers like India in the long run