Saturday, 27 September 2014

China new target of global jihad

It is increasingly becoming apparent that China has or will become the new battle ground for Jihad's to rally. News coming out of China indicates a major incident in the troubled province of Xinjiang.
It is learnt that rioters had a free for all in the city of xxx, loud explosions could be heard and report says the casualty to be around 60-70 people. According to Chinese media this includes around 45-50 rioters and rest are civilians and policemen.

The ethnic muslim uyghur's are organising themselves for a showdown with the brutal communist regime.  Not only has china publicly executed members of this community, it has put severe restrictions on their personal freedom. Some of these restrictions are quite similar to that put on Jews during the Nazi regime.

To further humiliate them, china has made its mission to resettle a large Han population in Xinjiang and these foreigners are now the wealthiest and most powerful community while the original dwellers of this land wallow in abject poverty.

The amount of religious persecution and repression is chronicled in this article.
Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, has just begun — but a number of China's 23 million Muslims won't be allowed to participate in the daily fast that is so central to the holiday, and in some cases are even barred from entering mosques. Authorities in Xinjiang, a largely Muslim semi-autonomous region in China's northwest, have sharply limited Ramadan observance for Muslim students, teachers, and civil servants, who are now prohibited from "fasting and other religious activities."

Even teachers are being used to guard the entrance of mosques so that their students cannot offer a simple prayer. While civil servants have been forced to sign solemn pledges that they and their families will not fast during this holy month. While the communist party does not mind if han Chinese students go to church or monastery. Question is why two rules for two different communities.

So it should not come as a surprise then that score of these oppressed individuals in their misguided belief have turned to the new Caliphate and joined the ranks of ISIS.
If you want to know who these ethinic people are and what is the history of their land, please visit this page

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