Friday, 5 September 2014

New Chinese road detected on the border.

Indian armies patrol party has spotted a new road link to Pangong. Due to the serious repercussions feared by the army and the general penchant for Chinese to grab Indian territory, army has intensified its patrol along that area. This was spotted on 18th of August since then LAC patrolling has been increased.

Readers might remember the Chinese People's Liberation Army(PLA) advancing several kilometer inside Indian territory at Demchok on July 28th. This lead to a heated argument with the Indo-Tibetan border Police (ITBP) jawans on the Indian side
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has made several attempts to enter into the Indian territory, triggering tension along the international border.
On July 28, the Chinese troops intruded in Demchok in Southern Ladakh after which the Chinese military and soldiers of the Indo-Tibetan border Police (ITBP) had a verbal altercation for about half an hour. The Chinese military later withdrew.
At around April last year China had sent a platoon or more men to set up tents inside our territory in Depsang  in Daulat Beg oldi sector. They stayed put until we had to abandon and remove fortifications from some of our posts in Chumar.
The new Central government in India has already made up its mind to go full throttle to develop border roads on our side facing China. It is evident that GoI has seen through the expansionists theme running through the Chinese government. India is not the isolated victim, same has happened with Vietnam, Philippines and Japan. The common thread is China forcibly and surreptitiously grabbing land and sea area of militarily weaker nations.

Ministry Of Defense admits that nearly 80 critical border roads have been stuck for many years in the due to environmental hurdles. These include crucial GS (General Staff) roads that link border outposts and camps to the main road head. We must take it with a pinch of salt though because MoD is legendary for messing things up. Some years ago they could not find enough workers to work on these roads so blaming every other ministry for their failings is pretty damn easy.
The new environmental minister of India has removed all hurdles plaguing these projects. Some rules have been modified so that construction may be started without clearance from his ministry. Plus the compulsory afforestation rule for every project has been waived off too.

In fact, the Defence Ministry has also been working on a legislation to ensure exemption of strategically significant projects — especially those along the LAC — from green regulations that may be hampering progress.

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