Saturday, 7 May 2011

American Double Standard Cancel All Contracts Of American Companies

If this is not double standard then what is I do not know, hundreds of people have been killed in India over the past 30 year. Mumbai,Akshardham,Parliament,Serial Blast are just few examples.
Please can anybody tell me what is the difference between the life of an American Citizen and an Indian Citizen, is it cheaper or do Indian citizen come in dime a dozen.
Mr Manmohan Singh has made America and Pakistan as the corner stone of his foreign policy but both of these countries could care less for India, then why is the Indian PM so hell bent upon favoring both these nations over others.
Is there something that we do not see , is it true that our Government is being run by foreign powers?
Is it true than Congress party and its top leaders are amassing huge wealth everywhere at the cost of India?Why is the Indian Government so sheepish about the Swiss money trail? Why inspite of serious home pressure the Government refuses to go after the swiss money? Is there something they don't want us to find?