Friday, 20 May 2011

Pakistan cable on possible Lashkar e-Taiba attacks against India

C O N F I D E N T I A L STATE 065183 

E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/17/2019 

Classified By: PJONES for reason 1.4(b), (d). 

1. (U) This is an action request. 

2. (C/REL Pakistan) Embassy is instructed to underscore to senior Pakistani government officials the critical importance of Pakistani cooperation in preventing Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LeT) attacks on India. There are credible reports of advanced LeT planning for attacks against India. An attack at this time -- especially from Pakistani territory -- would undermine progress for regional cooperation, divert resources from the military campaign in the west, and could hinder the USG's ability to provide Pakistan with military and economic assistance without restrictive conditions. The Embassy should also impress upon the GOP that Pakistan must implement and support UN Security Council designations of LeT-related entities as part of the GOP,s effort to disrupt and prevent further LeT attacks. 

3. (C/REL Pakistan) Post should draw on the following points 
in approaching Pakistani officials: 

-- As the November 2008 Mumbai attack has shown, LeT is capable of launching attacks that can directly undermine Pakistan,s relations with its neighbors and regional stability generally. LeT killed six Americans in the Mumbai attacks. LeT,s activities have directly harmed U.S. interests and have the ability to undermine U.S.-Pakistani relations. 

-- The new Indian Government has indicated its willingness to re-engage with Pakistan, but Pakistani progress in bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice is critical to laying the foundation for improved relations with Delhi. Another Mumbai-style or major LeT attack on India, especially if launched from Pakistani soil, could close this historic opportunity and could risk a stronger Indian response than that which occurred after Mumbai. 

-- An attack at this time would also likely complicate the USG,s ability to provide Pakistan with military and economic assistance without restrictive conditions. 

-- The USG is aware of the tremendous efforts the Pakistan government is making in the west against certain extremist groups. We do not want those efforts to be disrupted by an LeT attack on another country,s territory. 
-- We strongly urge the government of Pakistan to take all steps it can to eliminate LeT permanently, while in the short term taking all possible action to disrupt LeT attack plans and other activities. 

-- We also are concerned over reports of LeT and Jaamat-u-Dawa (LeT,s political arm) activities in refugee camps in the NWFP. We welcome Pakistani Government efforts to uncover and shut down these operations in the camps, and we urge Pakistan to follow through on 1267-mandated asset freezes and travel restrictions against LeT and JUD and to stop these organizations, fundraising and recruiting efforts at the camps. 

-- We expect the GOP to act swiftly to implement sanctions against LeT/JUD, including by taking action against entities/individuals providing material support to the group (including any advertising or solicitation of funds for JUD). Effective implementation of sanctions should result in the cessation of JUDs "charitable" operations, including through any successor organizations.