Monday, 20 February 2012

The Cowards And The Heroes Of 1962

In our scriptures it is written वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा meaning the brave shall enjoy the pleasures of earth. I wonder how true that quote is ?? The following article shows the two faces of Indian Army during the 1962 war. At one end were the cowards known as "Kaul Boys" on the other were people like Shaitan Singh and Hoshiar Singh. On one end of the spectrum was fear, panic, mendacity and pure cowardice on the other end was cool calculated, pure unadulterated bravery.

The following article only just touches upon the stories of those men who died fighting for India and of those cowards who lived happily to be rich and prosperous, with their son's and daughters enjoying all the comforts of this world. Please read this article.

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