Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rickety Pakistan Air Force Gets New F-16

Islamabad: With an eye to India's increasing military power which has left a yawning gap between the two arch rivals, Pakistan on monday received the last of 18 F-16 fighter jets from the US.

The Dawn reports the primary consideration for purchasing the new aircraft was to improve the fighting capability of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) vis-à-vis the Indian Air Force.Though the stated aspect was IAF yet these F-16's were conspicuous by their absence during Kargil war when IAF carried out heavy bombing of Pakistani Army on the Line Of Control. PAF did not raise a finger to help its own men while they were being slaughtered.Some might call it cowardice but I call it excellent practical approach of PAF. Instead of having their assets destroyed they kept them safe. This strategy had two fold advantage one the general public was assured that PAF is ready and will protect them as and when needed plus kept the foolish western countries wary about nuclear strike.(Which again was a royal bluff)

The last F-16D Block 52 aircraft as well as the first two of the upgraded fighter jets have arrived in the country.

The fighter aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics suite and latest weapons with night precision attack capability.

"One F-16D Block 52 and two F-16 Block 15 MLU (Mid Life Upgrade) aircraft arrived today from the US at PAF Base Shahbaz (Jacobabad)," PAF said in a statement.

"The arrival of last F-16D Block 52 aircraft marked the completion of delivery of 18 aircraft of this category. The other two F-16 Block 15 aircraft ... were earlier sent to USA for Mid Life Upgrade," it further said.

The F-16 programme included purchase of 18 new jets, upgrade of 35 older aircraft and those purchased from the US under Excess Defence Articles (EDA) programme, and procurement of munitions.

The F-16 aircraft sale to Pakistan was announced in 2005.

WikiLeaks expose of leaked US diplomatic cables show that the deal was meant to assuage Pakistan's fears of an "existential threat it perceived from India".

The diplomatic cables suggest that the purpose of the sale was to divert Pakistan's attention from "the nuclear option", and give it "time and space to employ a conventional reaction" in the event of a conflict with India.

How can a handful of old air crafts with no chance in hell of matching Indian Fighters keep PAF safe is beyond me but it seems to keep the gullible Pakistani people happy. These aircrafts can be used to bomb the living daylights out of innocent Balochistani Freedom Fighters. So I guess the F-16's will cover itself in laurel by destroying every village every herd and every village school in Balochistan.


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the article shows Indians can shit not only from mouth but also from mouth and even from pen

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the article shows Indians can shit not only from mouth but also from pen

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