Thursday, 9 February 2012

Grand-Daughter And Great Grand-Daughter Of Baloch Nationalist Leader Slaughtered

In another instance of genocide against Balochistan, the grand daughter and great grand-daughter of the famous Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were killed in Clifton Area of Karachi. This was done by the IS-Military combine to send a message to leaders of Balochistan Republican Party. Sounds like mafia, oh yes it is. This is the same government India wants to play Aman Ki Asha(Hope For Peace) with. Just imagine what the actual colors of these snakes are.

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Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was once governor of Balochistan, a former interior minister, and eventually a rebel killed in a military operation in August 2006 by then president Pervez Musharraf's regime. While Jhumar (34) is Brahmadagh's daughter who was married to Balochistan member of provincial assembly Mir Bakhtiar Domki, Jaana Domki was their daughter. They were both shot dead near Gizri flyover of Karachi.

The driver of their vehicle was also killed. According to an eyewitness, a helper of the Domkis, who survived the attack, the attack took place a short distance from Jhumar's maternal uncle's home in the heavily policed Clifton area. A police unit was looking on, reported Baloch nationalist website, Balochwarna, quoting the eyewitness.

It reports that a black car intercepted Jhumar's car in Clifton around midnight. A man in black salwar kameez, wearing a black face mask, jumped out of the car and shot the driver, Barkat Baloch, as they tried to get away. The driver was killed on spot.

Then the assailant opened the rear door when two bikes accosted the car. Jhumar offered her jewellery, phone and valuables to the man thinking he was a robber. In response the killer said he didn't need her valuables; he was there to kill her and her daughter. Jhumar was then made to witness the brutal killing of her daughter, Jaana. Jhumar was then shot over a dozen times in the head, face and neck at point blank range and was left in a pool of blood.

US to support an independent Balochistan; congressional hearing convened for discussion Washington: (Wednesday, February 08, 2012) Completely disregarding the currently deteriorated state of affairs between the two countries, the United States is all set to support an independent Balochistan. According to the news, the US committee on Foreign Affairs has convened a congressional hearing today to hold an exclusive discussion on state of human rights affairs in the largest province of Pakistan.

US to support an independent Balochistan; congressional hearing convened for discussion