Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blast Near US embassy kills 4 in Pakistan

Pakistan suffered yet again when a blast took place near US Embassy in Peshawar.

A suicide bomber in an explosive-laden car rammed into a police station in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Wednesday, in a Taliban attack that killed four police officers and injured 21 people, a senior police official said.

The Pakistani Taliban said the attack was to avenge the killing of innocent civilians. The group's spokesman, Ihsan Ullah, told on Wednesday that Pakistani security forces are carrying out those killings on the instruction of the United States in the name of a "war on terror."

Muhammad Ejaz Khan, the police official, said 13 civilians were wounded. The other eight were police.

Khan said several people were still under the debris. About 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of explosive material was used in a minitruck.

Fiaz Tooro, another senior police official of Peshawar, told that the building was being used as
a Directorate of Counter-Terrorism to interrogate militants. No militants were being questioned
or in the building at the time of the blast, he said.

The special police officials who were running the directorate were the target of the blast, Tooro said.

Pakistani Taliban represents a confederation of Taliban groups in northwestern Pakistan, where they are based, said Bill Roggio, military affairs analyst who is managing editor of The Long War Journal.

Those fighters attack targets in Pakistan and across the border in Afghanistan. The group, which is headquartered in Quetta, is different from the Afghan Taliban, which has been focused on re-establishing the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

Both groups swear allegiance to Taliban leader Mullah Omar and have close ties to al Qaeda, he said.

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