Friday, 4 November 2011

Communist Media Obsessed With A Fictional Indian Monster

I just went to a very popular Chinese news site and .....

MAN THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH INDIA. People blame India for having panic attacks each time PLA moves a mule but you should see their reports and the conspiracy theories. Bollywood and Hollywood should start reading Chinese media for inspiration.

Some Gems That I Found

Japan And India with USA building a naval front against China to capture South China sea. Indian Navy is not concerned with Indian Ocean, they want a piece of Pacific too. Basically the writer claims that Japan and India form a wide defensive arc to block China because to enter Pacific they have to cross swords with Japan and to enter Indian Ocean and beyond they will have fight Indian Navy.

100,000 new Indian troops on the border in response to the peaceful "DEMILITARIZATION" of Tibet by China is basically a ploy by Indian Army to avenge 1962.Even though China has reduced most of its military presence to reach out to India a hand of friendship , India has responded by placing deadly cruise and ballistic missiles on Indo-China border.

India in illegal occupation of 100thousand square km of Chinese territory.

Long discourse on India Russia joint ventures and upcoming MMRCA deal.

Even before anybody knows about anything they have proclaimed that USA is going to give new F-35 to India and strengthen the Indian nuclear arsenal to counterbalance China.

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