Monday, 7 November 2011

Forgotten Volunteers On British Indian Army

Documentary shows the Indians who fought for the British and tries to throw a new light on them. Though I accept that they have been forgotten by both Indian and British Governments but who is to blame other than they themselves.

To the old Sikh soldier in the documentary who calls INA guys traitor for breaking the oath to King of Britain and forsaking their honor, I will ask what about your country-men and country, what about your oath to them. You had a blood oath to them and for few pieces of gold sold it to the British so do not grudge if those brothers look at you with scorn and contempt.

The best interview  I liked was the INA officer who when told that some of his relatives have joined British Army, took a bottle and smashed it on his relation's head and asked him to get lost to London and if he ever came to his house he will cut him up.






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