Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Think CWG Was A Mess.... Guess Again How About P-75I

Ok What do you want to hear first


Lets start with Good News

News coming from MDL(Mazagon Docks) is quite encouraging. In a press statement they claim "We will deliver all the six Scorpenes, which are very silent submarines, between August 2015 and September 2018. Fabrication of pressure hulls for the first submarine is ahead of schedule...its outfitting has also begun," says MDL chief Vice-Admiral (retd) H S Malhi.
So we will get Scorpenes nearly on time,ok three years late but that is on time for India.

NOW how about the VERY BAD NEWS....

Mr. Do Nothing Minister(Defense) has completely messed up Project P75-I. Not even the RFP has been issued and it will not be done for at least few months(read years).Already three separate committee have looked into the project each giving opposite views (third report is awaited).

Therefore we will not get any new subs for at least 10 years minimum, by that time most of the 10 Kilo class Russians subs will be gone and we will be left with 6 Scorpenes(fingers crossed) + 2 Arihant class(hopefully) + 1 Chakra(Akula II class) +2-3 Kilo Class + 4 German subs
A Grand total of 15-16 submarines. You will say not too shabby eh....

The minimum deterrent required is 18 but who cares?

To put our power into perspective lets look at what our enemies have lined up against us

Pakistan has 5 active submarines with new purchases being discussed with German companies
China has 63 subs with 15-20 more being built which the general public knows about.

So we have a grand total of 68 enemy submarines with possibility of the number rising to 70-80.

Any guesses who will come out second best in any kind of deep sea engagement............

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