Monday, 7 November 2011

Dragon's Fire On India's Western Border, Sino-Pak Joint Exercise On Rajasthan Border

To strengthen its desert warfare capability, China will once again hold a joint military exercise with Pakistan at the international border adjoining Jaisalmer, according to intelligence sources. This is the second joint desert war game in this area within three months. The exercise, named YOUVI-IV, will begin on November 16 and continue for two weeks.

China is believed to be once again trying to put pressure on India through the Pakistani border adjoining Rajasthan, the sources add.

According to the sources, China is extending strategic help to Pakistan in every way. China is not only providing arms but is also helping upgrade Pakistan's tank, weapons, UAV, ammunition etc.

For the second time, the Chinese forces have reached the border adjoining Rajasthan for such an exercise at places like Rahimiyar Khan, Islamgarh, Bijnaut in Pakistan. In this exercise, Pakistan's 2 corps and Multan's 5 corps will participate, while China's infantry engineering and armed regiment will take part. Along with desert war games, both countries would also exercise on anti terrorist activity, which will take place 30-40 km beyond the international border.

China during March had joint war practice with Pakistan's navy at Karachi, which was called YOUVI - III. Later in August, a joint war game was organised which was called Jiye China that took place opposite Bikaner and Jaisalmer border in Pakistan.

Sources said from October 23, a low level exercise of Pakistani troops is going on opposite the Barmer-Jaisalmer area. Due to this, the movement of Pak army has increased and there is mobilization of troops.

The presence of Chinese army was already there in the north-east and opposite Jammu and Kashmir and now they have reached the desert areas of opposite Rajasthan on the Pakistani border, which is dangerous for India. Some speculate it could be a far-sighted conspiracy of China to surround India from all the four sides.

It is to be noted that a large number of Chinese experts are in desert areas in name of oil and gas exploration in Pakistan. This area is just one to three kilometres from the international border.

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