Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Coward Maoist Receive A Thrashing At the Hands Of BSF

On Monday the CPI Maoist sent 300 of its cadres to ambush 85 member strong patrolling party of the BSF which was returning after an area domination exercise. The Maoist had hoped for a Dantewada massacre type of result. Instead they got the shock of their life and had to run for their dear life. The cowards were in so much hurry that they left behind the body of their military commandant.

This was a very well planned and cold blooded exercise by the Maoist terrorist.According to BSF director general Raman Srivastava, three companies of the Maoists had come together to carry out a well-planned and synchronised attack on BSF men just 3-4 kms from their camp in Kanker. While one military company laid in wait at the ambush point in Kolibeda, another company walked for the past seven nights and days from the south to lay an L-shaped ambush. Not only this, another set of Maoists carefully lined the route of the reinforcements, also mined with two powerful improvised explosive devices (IEDs) weighing 35 kg and 40 kg, to maximise casualty to the BSF personnel.

The classic L-shaped ambush is one of the most used tactics and works well when you have good amount of soldiers available. Basically the long leg of the L lies in wait through the path enemy takes and the short leg of L is set up directly infront of the enemy.If you have good fire-power then this ambush creates panic and confusion in the ranks of the enemy.

Unfortunately for the Maoist who had lot of women cadres too, unlike the last time when they surprised the CRPF, this time BSF men who were supposed to run helter skelter once the ambush started, did nothing of that sort and used another military strategy of firing heavily while falling back at an angle of 45 degree, thus the L shaped ambush is neutralized. Secondly they did not break ranks and try to take cover in the foliage around the road, because that was mined too by the Maoist. They kept firing with such ferocity and effectiveness that is is believed more than 15 Maoist were cut down including their commanding officer.

The shock of the counter-attack could be gauged by the fact that the Maoist commander had a full magazine round and died without firing a single shot. So you can imagine what happened to the others. According to some reports Maoist cadres broke rank and ran for cover leaving behind the hardcore Maoist only. I guess faced with a determined and disciplined armed force Mao's ideals look less appealing.

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