Monday, 6 June 2011

Most Dreaded Mafia/Terrorist Boss Dawood About To flee Pakistan

Finally the 15 year honeymoon is over. For more than a decade Pakistani Intelligence called ISI had shielded and protected Dawood Ibrahim and like a loyal dog he had done everything for his beloved master including serial bomb-blast in Mumbai, bomb-blast's in other parts of India, murder and then Mumbai carnage. He has developed network for ISI to pump in money,arms,drugs and explosives in various Indian cities as well as Nepal and Bangladesh. In return his master the ISI has given him a safe haven in Karachi for 15 years.

Besides, the don's men have access to police stations in the city and the corridor of power at Mantralaya. The ISI officials pay Dawood for getting their work done through him.

Mumbai police investigations have indicated Dawood is the main agent for subversive activities in India.

But the fairy tale romance may end soon. With the killing of Osama ,murder of Mullah Omar and the latest drone strike on Illyas Kashmiri, there is a growing suspicion in Dawood camp that he may be sacrificed by the Pakistani's for brownie points from America.Therefore Dawood and his band of thugs that include Chotta Shakeel and Aftab Bhatki are looking for a place where they can set up shop and be protected from the American military. Unfortunately till now nobody wants to touch Dawood's case and incur the American wrath.

ISI is famous for being ruthless in sacrificing its own men, they leave their men behind and dis-own any responsibility if it suits them,Dawood has realized that. It has been reported that he has sent feelers to RAW and IB for help. He has asked that if he surrenders to Indian Law will he be kept alive and shielded from the Americans.

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