Saturday, 11 June 2011

Indian Army To Mobilize 20,000 Troops For The Next Military Exercise

The elite 21st strike corp of the Indian Army will hold its military exercise along the Indo-Pak border this winter. It will involve 20,000 troops and 200 tanks in this war game. Beside the military the Indian Air Force will also form the part of this exercise. This is done to increase and fine tune the interoperability of the two services.

“The 21 Strike Corps under the Southern Command will hold its routine exercise in the western deserts in Pokharan in November-December time-frame," army officials told reporters here

Though it is being shown as routine operations by Indian Army but it must be seen in the context of the latest summer exercises. First it was huge exercise called Vijayee bhawa then it was Pine Prahar by the Jalandhar based 11 Vajra corp of the Indian Army.

Therefore it can be deduced that Indian Army is working toward perfecting some kind of strategy.The most famous one is the cold start-doctrine to which will give India the option of striking deep inside Pakistan within a week or less. The second aspect of these exercises are the armies desire to become network centric force where every unit and field commanders are not only in contact with each other but can share data and information. Indian Armed forces are now relying heavily on UAV and AWACS to organize in a better way. Last exercise saw DRDO testing its capabilities in data-link , satellite imagery and down-links etc

This particular exercise will be held most probably in the month of November-December 2011.During the exercise, the Army troops will also practice joint operations, with the Indian Air Force fighters and transport aircraft also taking part in the wargames to showcase their fire power. “The exercise will involve precision munition and advance surveillance systems to achieve a greater degree of network centric capability,” they said.

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