Monday, 13 June 2011

Violent Protests Erupt In Southern China

Photo courtesy Reuter
China is finding it harder and harder to quell the civilian unrest all over China. the latest example has come to light in the Xintang in Guangdong province, the linchpin of China's crucial export industry. Because of the heavy handed approach of the Police in a dictatorial state like China people came out on the streets and burnt Police and government vehicles. They were protesting against the brutal suppression of the rights of immigrant laborers. Though the official media has successfully kept Chinese public oblivious of these development yet this problem has been steadily growing for the past three days.

Due to the Chinese peoples need for freedom from the oppressive regime of the Communist who not only deny them basic human rights but are bent upon killing people who do not tow the party line. I believe slowly but surely the Chinese regime is reaching a point where there will be a violent outburst and this time China will not be able to quell it by simply killing more people as it did recently in Inner Mongolia.Not only that some cities even saw terrorist activities by citizens disgruntled with the medieval regime. Thousands of protesters attacked government offices in the central city of Lichuan last week following the alleged beating death of a local city council member while in police custody.

These protests are geographically separated and for different reasons but all of them have something in common and that is the oppression of people and bold-face murder of opposition activist. You can read further about this in an article published about the wave of torture and state kidnapping to stop any revolution spreading in China.Click Here

The Chinese leadership has reacted nervously to the turmoil, especially after popular uprisings began sweeping the Middle East and North Africa this year. In recent months, hundreds of government critics have been questioned, arrested or simply disappeared.

The violence in Xintang broke out Friday evening after a pregnant woman was pushed to the ground in a sweep against street vendors, most of whom are migrants from the southwestern province of Sichuan. Such disputes are common and bystanders often side with the vendors and accuse police of heavy-handed tactics.

Video of the protests posted online showed crowds blocking traffic, attacking cars and setting aflame buses, possibly dispatched to transport security forces.
(earlier protest that happened in the same province)