Friday, 10 June 2011

Mysterious Pictures Of JH-7B Chinese Stealth Bomber

Ok this news should be handled by the X-files team rather than me. Because for the past few days a partial photo of a supposedly new Stealth Bomber of Chinese Air Force is doing the rounds. Unfortunately I am in no position to confirm the veracity of this report. Some data which I could glean of Chinese Military sites are given below

- AESA radar
- New WS-12B engine
- 3D thrust-vector control
- Stealth s-line DSI intakes
- Real-time battle monitoring (both air-based and ground-based)
- New high-tech cockpit
- In-built FLIR
- New countermeasures systems
- Tail-mounted synthetic arpeture radar
- Terrain navigation functions
- Passive missile warning
- Advanced tactical air reconnaissance system (ATARS)
- High-resolution synthetic radar
- Real-time video surveillance
- More composite material
- Internal weapons bay
ChinaFlying LeopardB program, the new stealth JH-7B has been a successful test flight. "Fierce" on a word: long red leopard Tang chief architect, said: "The newFlying LeopardB completely reborn, flight ability, maneuverability, payload, combat radius, mobility has greatly improved, no life can be arrived at Sea, completion of the mission of defending the territorial sea. "
XAC has relevant and reliable, according to sources: The new StealthFlying LeopardJH-7B has been a successful test flight and has been finalized, the new J H-7B is a vertical tail made both pairs all-weather, stealthy aerodynamic layout of thefighter-bomber. Although the original Flying Leopard "body bone" bottom, but in order to adapt to the new high-thrust engines, the new Flying Leopard had to be appropriately enlarged body size adjustment. Into the gas because the new engine thrust than the original engine and units increased by nearly 50% or more, combined with stealth shape design needs, the new Flying Leopard can not easily follow and enlarge the body of the original Flying Leopard. New "bass" engine than the "turbofan WS-9" and "LouthRice"engine diameter should be large, but also short. Therefore, the researchers on the original machine's aerodynamic shape and the internal body structure has been improved drastically. Great complexity of its workload, no less re-design a new airplane.
After the hard work of the researchers, "Flying Leopard-7B has been" reborn "performance. J H-7B by DSI of the most cutting-edge design clamshell I intake, body found extensive use of new materials, the airframe much lighter weight than before, and the body structure has been enhanced intensity than the original. As the body increases the amount of fuel inside a substantial increase, so the J H-7B serving in our military combat radius of several new types of equipment Radius Combat Aircraft second to none. from the shape to see; China's "J H-7B" switch to the new design of medium-sweep wing with leading edge flaps ceremony. In addition, in order to improve the stealth and enhanced aerodynamic performance, "JH-7B "Using the" S "-shaped inlet, and inlet new nano-absorbing paint coating to reduce the aircraft facingthe radarreflectivity and infrared signal characteristics of cross-sectional area, and have wing-body fusion, the entire machine application of new composite materials increased significantly. "JH-7B" means the fuel has been changed to improve the built-in retractable "soft style" refueling equipment, in order to further enhance the stealth machine. Therefore, the "J H-7B" is the first species to use computer-aided design modified form of the stealthfighter-bombers.
See from the stealth performance; as "JH-7B" stealth using a newly developed radar absorbing paint, making the probability of the aircraft was detected significantly reduced. In addition, improved models of the late new composite material will increase the use of the area and the canopy edge, arms and weapons built by the door edges, etc. The combination of jagged lines, can effectively reduce theradarwave reflection. Used as airborne weapons-and plug-in containing both ways, in order to further reduce the infrared signature. Expected due to effective stealth measures, "J H-7B" Theradarcross section (RCS) will be not more than XXX square meters.
Recently, the New Flying Leopard 3 has been a successful test flight. And have been finalized, the military code for the DDK-03. They are called the "New Flying Leopard" because of its aerodynamic shape and its internal systems are all brand new. Although with the original Flying Leopard "body bone" bottom, but in order to adapt to the new engine, the fuselage had to be enlarged. the new engine's thrust into the air than the original engine and units increased by nearly 75%, the new Leopard 3 can not fly follow simple and amplification of the original Flying Leopard's body. (new engine than the original "LouthRice"engine diameter, but also short.) Therefore, the researchers aerodynamic shape of the original machine and the internal body structure of a bold Improved. great complexity of its workload, no less from the new design a new aircraft.

Sounds to me quite a stretch but you can never say what the sneaky Chinese are up-to. We should wait for more proof.