Saturday, 4 June 2011

Iranian WMD Arsenal Grows Despite Sanctions

Despite security council sanctions on Iran prohibiting development of Nuclear weapons and their delivery system yet both the ballistic missile program and the nuclear program keeps on growing.

The nuclear program has active support of Russia and the ballistic missile program is being supported by North Korea. It has been reported that Iran has already started enriching weapons grade uranium for its two missiles Shahab-1- and Shahab-2 with the help of Nort Korea. On top of that they have imported 19-20 BM-25 missiles from North Korea.

Beside North Korea it is the Syrians who are actively helping in this clandestine transfer of weapons. South Korea, Nigeria,Singapore,Italy have all confiscated sophisticated weapons and explosives hidden with normal goods either coming from Iran or going to Iran. In some case like in Nigeria some Iranian officials had to flee the country too.

Iran has floated quite a few bogus companies which work like fronts and try to buy dual use products from the west which can be later used for weponization. UN has asked its member countries to move against such firms and maintain strict end-user checks to help prevent this kind of fraud.