Friday, 3 June 2011

Afghanistan War Story From The Taliban Side

Afghanistan War has been raging for several decades now, it seems as if there is no other way than the constant fighting, killing and bombings. Amongst all this war stories we forget the men fighting against us. Who are these so called Taliban, who are the Mujahids. We cannot win any war unless we know our enemy better than our friends.

I believe Americans before that the Russians and before that the British failed to understand men and women living there. The way they think, the things they aspire for are completely different from ours. Before you think it is one of those pacifist blogs, no that is not true. In the following video we see human beings not super-human villains as they are made out to be. The cost of war a father has to pay. The evil that lies beneath. I think you shall like this video immensely.

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