Friday, 3 June 2011

Old SAAB Planes For Indian Navy Why?

SAB 200 has been offered to the Indian Navy as a medium range maritime reconnaisance (MRMR) aircraft (along with the Saab Bofors Dynamics RBS-15 Mk.3 anti-ship missile).It has also pitched the Indian Air Force for this aircraft. They call it the best turbo-prop plane ever to have been built.(No country in the world currently operates the Saab 2000 maritime patrol version, making India a potential launch customer.)

But the Saabs on offer won't be brand new aircraft. Not literally at least. Here's the thing. Production of the Saab 2000 ended in 1999; only 64 of the aircraft were built, with just over 50 aircraft still in active service today. So what aircraft is Saab offering to India? Well, used aircraft, bought back from existing operators, then refurbished and made new. I met Saab's Tommy Hultin in Delhi recently -- he's the man who scouts business for potential military variants of the discontinued Saab 2000. He said, "The Saab 2000 MPA will be re-manufactured from the existing Saab 2000 fleet (total structural refurbishment, extensive corrosion protection, electrical and systems upgrade and modification). Conclusion, the airframe set to zero hours together with the inclusive systems and a minimum of 35,000 flying hours are offered together with a guaranteed OEM support of a minimum of 25 years."
(Shiv Aroor)

Now the question arises why should India buy used refurbished aircrafts when they can buy new ones.
Saab 2000 MTA Proposal To IAF