Sunday, 5 June 2011

Democracy Is Dead In India Long Live Fascism

Last night around midnight the fascist forces of Indian Government swooped in around midnight on a gathering of women,children and old people at the national capital in New Delhi. This gathering had been called by a Guru or Swami known as Baba Ramdev. These people had gathered there for protesting against large scale corruption and loot of Indian money. Most of these money has been taken out of India and deposited in Swiss and German banks.

It is an open secret that most top leaders are in on this loot, they have accounts being maintained overseas under different names and managed by different men/organisation. So it comes as no surprise that they were unsettled by this unarmed yogi who decided to go on fast unto death unless the government acted.

The government of Fascist Party Of India also known as Congress Party on its part was negotiating with this simple seer for the past 2-3 days. They desperately wanted this seer to call of his protest and disperse quietly, to his demands of Black Money and corruption, Fascist Party Of India only had one answer that they will look into it. Basically it was a way to avoid confrontation and yet do nothing to fight against the corrupt forces.

Realizing that the Baba Ramdev was gathering more and more supporters with close to 1 lakh people reaching New Delhi very soon, it was desperate times for the Fascist Party Of India(Congress Party). As they say desperate times call for desperate measures thus the home ministry in collusion with the state government of Delhi called in the Storm Troopers also known as RAF(Rapid Action Force) and the Local Police. They cleverly let every body go to sleep or to their homes and attacked after midnight when the crowd was the thinnest. Unfortunately they miscalculated the devotion for their nation amongst these unarmed men,women and children. these people refused to budge and when beating them up with batons,canes and sticks failed the Storm troopers decided to unleash tear gas shells in a closed compound.

Just imagine a small area filled with children and unarmed civilians with no place to hide or run and the Police fires tear gas cannisters into the crowd. The result was a disaster to say the least, with people running everywhere and a stampede ensued. To aggravate the matter Storm Troopers moved in beating anybody in their range or path.Please note not one police officer was injured, not one protester fought back, not one incidence of violence instead the people gathered requested the police to stop with folded hands. As students of history are aware that these kind of actions have no meaning for fascist forces so same was true here too. The police and RAF waded into the crowd mercilessly thrashing anybody and everybody.

So my friends this is the beginning of the end of democracy in India. Remember how Hitler came to power, yes he won an election didn't he ? After the victory he used his political and administrative power to destroy any hint of opposition through out Germany. His SS and SA guards used to control the streets and any body demonstrating against Hitler disappeared. Same is true for Fascism in India, the Largest Democracy of the world has fallen......Long Live Fascism

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