Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Russia Using Former F-16 Pilot Of Dutch Army For Espionage

Hague(NIS) Russia is involved in the alleged espionage via a former F-16 pilot in the Dutch army. The defence attaché at the embassy has been replaced, public broadcaster NOS has reported.

In April, it became known that a former F-16 pilot had been arrested for espionage. The 37 year old man from Enschede, Chris V., is said to have tried to sell secret information to Belarus.

According to NOS, Russia is also involved in the matter. Chris V. was allegedly arrested during a meeting with the defence attaché of the Russian embassy. The diplomat is said to have been recalled to Moscow under pressure from the Netherlands. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) wants to interrogate the embassy on the case, but the Russians have refused that for now.

On Thursday, a court decided to extend the pre-trial custody of Chris V. His request for temporary release was rejected due to the risk of him taking flight. He is believed to have had plans to flee to Dubai. Shortly before his arrest in March, the suspect had sent a container with personal possessions in it to this country.

The F-16 pilot acknowledged he has financial problems. He worked at Defence for 13 years and carried out bombing raids in Kosovo and Afghanistan. The court case will proceed in August.

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