Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pakistan Spent Rs 386.7 Billion More Than The Planned Outlay

The Pakistan government spent Rs 386.7 billion over the budget for the outgoing fiscal 2010-11 that was approved by parliament, with the military and the nuclear programme getting billions of rupees in supplementary grants.

According to budget documents provided to parliament, Rs 2.5 billion was spent on the recurrent defence budget while Rs 48.8 billion was spent on defence and security-related initiatives, including over Rs 24 billion granted to pay for additional costs in the war on terror.

Another Rs 10 billion was provided for an unspecified "strategic purpose" and Rs 7.7 billion for expenses related to UN peacekeeping missions.

About Rs 10 billion was spent over and above the parliament's approved budget for the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and an additional expenditure of Rs 10 billion was estimated for the Strategic Plans Division, the body that controls the country's nuclear arsenal.

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