Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Will Jihad Disintegrate In Kerala With The Death of Illiyas Kashmiri?

The recent death of dreaded terrorist called Ilyas Kashmiri may come as a bonanza for Indian Security Agencies fighting his rising clout in the terrorist state of Kerela.

Recently Kashmiri had declared war on India. This war became very popular in Kerela with huge number of people joining up for this war. Kashmiri due to his influence was able to unite all the splinter groups in the state under his banner. This project was called Ghazb-e-Hind. Kashmiri was of the firm believe that recruits coming from Kerela are of much higher quality as they are motivated and extremely loyal to his cause. Thus he had made it a point to recruit nearly whole of his Indian Terrorist Army cadre from terrorist state of Kerela.For Muslims in Kerela Kashmiri was a hero and for them he was bigger than Osama.

Even IB concedes that it was very easy for Kashmiri to do so because youth in Kerela are pro-Pakistan and have a deep-seated hatred for India. Besides this, communal tensions are extremely high in Kerala. Every communal flareup is followed by a major recruitment drive. The communal flare up and the jihadist strategy was not only supported by the 313 brigade of Ilyas Kashmiri but it had found great support in the Gulf Region form where the money was flowing in for forced conversions, militant training,marriage,coercion,bribes etc. The situation was so bad that the police had given up and clearly stated in its report that the situation has completely spiraled out of control.

Kashmiri's pet project -- the Ghazb-e-Hind -- had already commenced in Kerala with a certain number of youths from the state being transported across the border to be personally trained by him.

His training pattern has been extremely successful considering that he belonged to the Pakistan Army's Special Services Group before falling out with them. He claimed to have trained the ten terrorists who undertook the 26/11 attack.The IB says that the other problem was that in the past couple of months, the Lashkar-e-Tayiba too was getting closer to Kashmiri. LeT had big plans for using Kerela youths trained by Illyas Kashmiri all over India to completely de-stabilize the Indian political and social fabric.

This killing of Kashmiri may have given Indian Police the breathing space it needed because Intelligence Bureau was under the impression that soon Kerela was going to become a battle ground for security forces with LeT and Kashmiri as the chief conspirators and Gulf money to keep the Jihad against India well funded.


Abhishek said...

whats your source of this information

Admin said...

news reports followed up by a discussion with an IPS officer.(unfortunately cannot divulge his/her name Sorry)

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