Monday, 13 June 2011

US Special Counter Espionage Spies In Afghanistan

In one of my earlier reports you may have read about the wide spread infiltration by Taliban in Afghanistan military and police force. This has made the job of Taliban easier and they have attacked high profile targets quite easily. The situation has become so critical that US government is sending 80 counter-intelligence agents to stem this tide.(Read More About Taliban Infiltration)

Some military sources have told that these agents will enhance the vetting of recruits, review profiles of soldiers being trained.A part of this team has already arrived in Afghanistan.

This decision was taken to bolster the Afghanistan Security forces, who will be responsible for controlling the country once 130,000 US troop start withdrawing this July. Unfortunately till now US and allied armies have failed miserably in destroying the war waging capabilities of Taliban. This is to a large extent result of their over dependence on Pakistan.

Pakistan has successfully pulled a fast one on the western powers, while making them pay for its military modernization and miserable economy on the other hand using these funds to keep the Taliban movement alive and ready to take over one the western armies leave.

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