Monday, 27 June 2011

India Invited By Vietnam To Increase Its Naval Presence in South China Sea

Small piece of news which might irritate the evil red Chinese dragon is that Vietnam has given India the permission to drop anchor at Nha Trang port during naval exercises and goodwill visit.

Why is this so important? Because uptill now most foreign countries including India was only allowed into Halong Bay near Hanoi.While Nha Trang port is only few kilometers away from mainland China and bang in the middle of South China Sea. This will give India an opportunity to create a permanent presence in that area which is essentially Chinese backyard.

We all know that Vietnam is embroiled into a bloody war with China over some of the islands and the actual demarcation in South China Sea. This move by India will be surely seen as aggressive posturing by the Chinese, who have used the same tactics against India by propping up Pakistan.

India, too, is set to offer naval facilities for training and capacity-building to Vietnam. The Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnam People’s Navy, Vice-Admi-ral and deputy minister Nguyen Van Hien, is scheduled to visit New Delhi, Mumbai and Visakhapat-nam during his visit starting Monday to witness Indian naval capabilities.

“India could also offer its experience in ship-building to Vietnam, which currently has a small Navy,” said a government source.

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