Friday, 10 June 2011

Nationalist Hindu Seer Fighting Against Corruption In Critical Condition

A frail looking man of 45 year old who wears nothing except dhoti(Indian garment worn below the waist) has shook the foundation of democracy in India. He has forced every Indian to ask some difficult questions about the current Government and its attitude toward the citizen of this country. Even though today he has been rushed to the hospital after having fasted for more than 7 days, yet India is burning with the question he raised and the beating he and his supporters took that night.

It is not important whether you support this man or not. It is not important if you consider him a Hindu or not. It is not important if you see political flavor in his fight for justice or not. It is not important if you belong to the Congress(ruling party) or not. What is important are issues he raises and the demands he has raised. What is even more important than that is the response of the Indian Government to his simple requests.

Even Old  Men Not Spared
They say he is a Hindu anarchist bent upon undermining the constitution of India. On the dead of the night 8,000 armed police attacks unarmed sleeping 75,000 strong crowd of women,children and old men yet nobody retaliated. They beat up women so badly that some had to be rushed to hospital and few are still in the ICU. Yet not a single retaliatory attack from 75,000 men. I had heard anarchist look for every excuse for spreading violence.

That crowd and this Swami were sitting in temperature ranging to 45-50 degree Celsius in New Delhi. Were they demanding a separate nation, were they demanding resignation of the government, were they demanding 30% reservation in jobs. No these people had gathered there to request the Government for few simple steps  "a) Declare the illegal black money stashed in Swiss and German banks as national wealth. b)Enact strong laws for punishing the guilty". For 5 minutes forget about which nationality or which community you belong to and tell me are these demands too much to ask?

India where people are dying of poverty malnutrition and disease, can it afford to sit quietly when her wealth is looted by a nexus of businessmen,politicians and Government officials. Are we talking about few millions? No we are talking about 100's of Billion US dollar which can feed the Indian poor for years. That money is not somebody's ancestral property, it is the money earned by common Indian, it is blood money. There has been no famine in India for the past 10-20 years yet people are dying of starvation. 100's of account have billions in it and still a Indian citizen on the street does not have enough cloth to cover his/her body. The owners of these billions who are either in the government or are the financier of the government, they live like medieval Barons and Dukes while ordinary Indian faces price rise,petrol price hike double digit inflation etc.

Baba In Critical Condition
You may think this is a blog written by another Communist. Nothing can be further from the truth, I am not a communist nor I am any socialist. I accept that just like in nature inequalities will remain in the society. But every Indian must get a fare chance to live and earn money. You cannot allow a select few to amass wealth by using unfair means while the rest of the country is left to rot. The Swiss bank for instance has more money from India than all investors from all over the world combined. Russia who comes second is four time less than that of India. Estimates are about 1.5 trillion US dollars are stashed by Indians in tax havens.

women pleading with police men
So in this background this religious leader and Yoga guru decided to take the fight to Delhi then what was wrong in it? He did not ask for the money to be given to him,he just asked the countries money to brought back to the country for the betterment of the people of the country.

Last time I read that was was called democracy

"Government of the people, for the people and by the people"

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