Sunday, 5 June 2011

Israel Forced To Open Fires On Golan Height

Syrian government in a desperate attempt to deflect attention of its public from the human right violation and the democracy demand of the public has orchestrated another drama on Golan heights. Unfortunately that stage managed drama turned violent when thousand of Syrian protester tried to break into the Israeli controlled Golan Heights and in response Israeli troops were forced to open fire in self defense.

It is reported that 6 people died in the firing and more than dozen may have received some sort of bullet injuries but it was quite clear that this was not a spontaneous agitation done by local population, it has more to do with the intense pressure Syrian government is under.

Israel has rightly called on Syria to show some restraint because this has happened twice in a month's time coinciding with the spike in violence inside Syria.Last time when Israel showed restrain thousand of pro-Palestinian supporter broke into Israel controlled Golan heights and it resulted in a situation where extra troops had to be mobilized.

Such kind of action was expected owing to the fact that it was the 44th anniversary of the 6 day war and Syria has not forgotten the humiliation it suffered at the hands of the Israeli forces then.Palestinian call it the Naksa Day, when Palestinians and Arabs commemorate the defeat to Israel in the 1967 Six-Day war. The conflict resulted in Israel’s occupation of swaths of Arab territory, including the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with East Jerusalem.
To be honest this kind of posturing and shadow boxing does not help anybody instead it gives Israeli right wing a chance to harden its stand.

There were also riots in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, with reports of several injuries among the Palestinian protesters there. A large demonstration along the Lebanese-Israeli border was cancelled, after the Lebanese authorities banned protesters from entering the sensitive frontier region.

In past years, Naksa Day has been a largely low-key affair. However, encouraged by the wave of political unrest sweeping the Arab world this year, pro-Palestinian activists had called for marches and demonstrations in many parts of the region.

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