Saturday, 4 June 2011

India Will Retaliate With Full Force Against Pakistan, If Attacked By Terrorists

At a conference in Singapore about regional security, Minister of State for Defence M M Pallam Raju has categorically and clearly stated that if any attack similar to that of Mumbai carnage is repeated then Indian Government will have no other choice but to attack Pakistan. He went on to say that India wants dialogue with Pakistan and a constructive relationship and Government Of India did its best after Mumbai Attack not to retaliate even under severe pressure from the general public. For which they paid a price to some extent politically but a second attack of this style will enrage the Indian masses so much that it will be hard to sell the restraint policy to them.

The ongoing David Headley case also found mention in his speech. He said that the world clearly knows now what kind of deed's Pakistani establishment was supporting. He said though there has been Peace talks but the forked tongue of Pakistan ahs made the Indian Governments peace effort go to waste.

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